Saturday, January 13, 2007

General Dynamics 1st Flight Covers

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Panavia Tornado Covers

first day cover produced to commemorate the first flight of the Tornado/MRCA

There were 10 prototypes built, allocated as follows, Britain 5, including 1 trainer and 1 static test airframe, Germany 3 and Italy 2. The covers below represent the 9 prototype aircraft that flew. Detailed are aircraft serial,country,date and crew on first flight.

P.01 - D9591/98+04Germany14/08/74Paul Millett/Nils Meister

P.02 - XX946Britain30/10/74Paul Millett/Pietro Trevisan

P.03 - XX947Britain05/08/75David Eagles/Tim Ferguson

P.04 - D9592/98+05Germany02/09/75Hans Friedrich Rammensee/Nils Meister

P.05 - X586/MM586Italy05/12/75Pietro Trevisan
P.06 - XX948Britain19/12/75David Eagles
P.07 - 98+06Germany30/03/76Nils Meister/Fritz Eckert
P.08 - XX950Britain15/07/76Paul Millett/Ray Woolett
P.09 - X-587/MM587Italy05/02/77Pietro Trevisan/Manlio Quarantelli

Armin Krauthann/Fritz Eckert. Pre Production airframe P16/98+03 was later to become the prototype for the ECR.

Card signed by Dave Eagles/Paul Kelly - Paris Air Show 1993

First day cover issued on the occasion of Her Majesty's visit to Preston during her Silver Jubilee in 1977.